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**Hurricanes Cheerleading**


Game Days

Snack Schedule


Since we cheer for both the boys and the girls basketball teams, it can be a long day. Lots of energy is needed, therefore it is important to refuel between the two games! For each game day, two girls will be responsible for bringing in snacks for the entire squad. Below is the sign-up, please let Miss DaRold know at least two days prior what type of snacks you will be bringing.


Some ideas: Veggie platters, crackers and cheese, chips, fruit, ect.




Tuesday, February 4th- Brittany A., Brooke R., Ariel B.

Thursday, February 6th- Sammie P., Madison P., Taylor B.

Monday, February 10th- Kayleigh D., Kenzie C., Chloe T.

Tuesday, February 18th- Victoria B., Sara M., Taylor C.

Thursday, February 20th- Vicky D., Natalie S., Lauren S.