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Welcome to the Raritan High School Learning Community

A school is a reflection of its entire community, and a community is built upon the quality of its teachers and schools.  From our first teachers (our parents) to our coaches, tutors, classroom teachers, tradespeople, first responders, clergy, military personnel, and beyond, our lives are influenced daily and shaped by the lessons we learn as we interact with the world around us. 

It is a great honor and responsibility to assume the role of “principal teacher” at Raritan High School, leading one of the finest faculties in Monmouth County.  At our comprehensive high school, students are fortunate to have dedicated faculty and staff with expertise in areas critical to their success in the future.  The events of our time have made it imperative that students, teachers, families and community members embrace the tremendous opportunities available at RHS. I seek to unite all of the teachers within the community behind the common goal of educating our students and preparing them for the challenges they will face as they chase their dreams and become leaders of the nation.

I look forward to continuing to teach and learn during my own journey here at RHS, and I welcome your participation in the Raritan High School learning community.  Everyone has a role to play in each Rocket’s journey, and I challenge you to find yours and join us!


William T. Smith

Last Modified on October 10, 2013