One-to-One Technology

Hazlet Middle School is proud to be a 21st century, technology-rich environment, with all students connected one-to-one and one-to-world in their learning!


Why is Hazlet Township Public Schools providing each middle school student with a Chromebook?

Teaching and learning in the early 21st Century requires students to read, write, collaborate, and research in all content areas.  A Chromebook provides them with the capacity to learn by using the latest technologies.  Having a Chromebook will empower students with content and skills to prepare them for career and college when they leave Raritan High School.


What is a One-to-One initiative?

A One-to-One initiative is where each student is provided a device to use in school and at home for learning.  At the middle and high schools we are using Chromebooks and the Google Apps For Education platform to create a collaborative learning environment.  Students are able to share documents, presentations, and other applications with teachers and other students in the Google environment.  


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What is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is basically a computer that runs on the Internet.  There is no operating system (e.g. Windows, OSX), and all word processing and presentations are done through the Chrome browser, which uses Google Apps For Education to do all the typical things you would do on a computer.  Because there is no operating system, a Chromebook needs a Wi-Fi connection to be operational.


To learn more about the Chromebook model we are using at Hazlet Middle School, click here: Acer Chromebook c740.


How is the Chromebook used in the classroom?

All students will use their Chromebooks daily as part of their classroom activities. They will access their Google Classrooms, download and complete assignments electronically, communicate with peers and teachers using district-provided email, collaborate on written assignments using Google Docs or partner for presentations using Google Slides. The Chromebook will be the new go-to place for the “tools” needed to access and complete class assignments and assessments. As we continue to learn about integrating Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education, HMS students will use the technology more and more often for all school assignments. To keep up-to-date on what is happening in their child’s classes, parents can check Google Classroom using the student’s district-issued Google login.


For help accessing Google Classrooms, click here: 
How to Use Google Classroom

Google Classroom help for parents

(Parents: in order to view your child’s Google Classrooms, please remember to sign in using the Hazlet Schools email and password issued to your child.)


What are the roles of students and parents in our One-to-One Chromebook initiative?

We are all in this together! We rely on the participation of students and the support of parents for the success of one-to-one learning at HMS.


Students are expected to:

  • Take good care of the Chromebook.

  • Bring the Chromebook to school every day, in its carrying case.

  • Charge the Chromebook nightly and begin each day with a fully charged battery.

  • Bring the Chromebook to all classes, unless specifically advised not to do so by their teacher.

  • Do NOT bring the Chromebook to lunch. Keep it locked safely in your locker during your lunch period.

  • Follow all school rules, policies, and teacher directives when using the Chromebook.

  • Regularly check Google Classroom sites and email.

  • Follow the rules of good digital citizenship.


Parents are encouraged to:

  • Support your child in using the Chromebook for at-home assignments, charging the Chromebook each night, and taking good care of the Chromebook.

  • Ask your child to provide you with his/her Google login, which he/she received in elementary school and will use all the way through to high school graduation.

  • Use your child’s login to check his/her Google Classroom sites and see what is happening in class. You can also put the Google Classroom app on your phone!

  • Be aware of district policies governing acceptable use of technology (Policies 2361 & 7523) and reinforce expectations at home.

  • Encourage your child to be a good digital citizen.

All students and parents are required to view and acknowledge a Hazlet Township Public Schools Computing Device Student Responsibility Contract prior to receiving a district-issued Chromebook. Click the link at the top right to view the Student Responsibility Contract.


I have questions about the use of Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education at Hazlet Middle School. What should I do?

We understand parents and students might have many questions about Chromebooks at Hazlet Middle School. Click the link at the top right for a list of Frequently Asked Questions. 


For additional questions, please feel free to contact the Supervisor of 21st Century Learning and Innovation, Mrs. Katherine Egan, at or Hazlet Middle School Principal, Mrs. Christine McCoid, at