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School Counseling Services

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Mrs. Quigley (ext. 2007)  7th Grade School Counselor

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Miss Allen  (ext. 2005)  8th Grade School Counselor

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Mr. Murano (ext. 2009)  S.A.C. / School Social Worker /  CST Case Manager

Mrs. Kelleher (ext. 2011) School Psychologist / CST Case Manager


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Two school counselors and two child study/student assistant counselors are assigned to the middle school to provide pupil personnel services to all of the students enrolled.

The school counselors will be available in the guidance office daily to meet students, parents, teachers, administrative and special services staff and visitors from various agencies and schools. The school counselors will assist students with their problems and will facilitate the educational process to insure academic and social success.

Both small and large group counseling conferences will be conducted. Individualized counseling conferences may be initiated either by student or counselor.

Parents who wish to discuss their children’s programs of study or to check on student progress or problems should call the guidance office in advance of any visitation. Parental conferences will be arranged with the counselor as soon as possible.

The school counselor will assist the students in making choices and adjustments at various points in their educational careers where necessary. Students will be assisted in reaching their highest possible development academically, socially, and emotionally.

A unit on decision-making skills, career awareness and career study will be conducted with all students, particularly in study skills to assist them with some tentative vocational choices and to prepare them to make some wise decisions about their courses of study when they enter Raritan High School.

The school counselors hope to assist students to understand themselves and to do well in their schoolwork, to develop wholesome personalities and a worthwhile self-image along with those study and personal skills necessary for success in our highly competitive and technologically oriented society.