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Mask Refusal Protocol for School Reopening 2021

Hazlet Mask Refusal Protocol


No student will be disciplined.  All staff members will reinforce with students that they are NOT in trouble and that the district/school is simply honoring a Directive issued by the Governor of NJ.

Student arrives without mask (bus or school)

  • Student will be offered a mask
    • If student complies, resumption of his/her regular routine will commence
    • If student refuses to wear a mask, he/she will be placed in a separate, socially distanced, supervised location, and parent/guardian notified by an appropriate stakeholder: building administrator, guidance, or CST
  • When parents/guardians are contacted, they will be encouraged to ask their child to wear a mask or pick up their child from school. An absence will be charged.
  • If parents refuse to ask their child to wear a mask, or pick up their child from school, the parent/guardian will be informed that their child will remain in a separate, socially distanced, supervised location with access to the daily learning plan, though not necessarily a teacher.
  • As per the Executive Order, students cannot ride the bus without a mask.
  • If a parent refuses to pick up his/her child, the student will remain in school until regular dismissal time. 
  • If a parent refuses to pick up the student beyond regular dismissal time, Senior Administration will be contacted prior to contacting DCP&P and the HTPD.


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FAMILY ID link - to add an Emergency Contact information for your child

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Safe Return Plan

Click here to view the Safe Return Plan for the 2021 - 2022 school year.