Welcome to the Middle Road School PTO

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Middle Road School takes pride in our entire Educational Community, parents and staff, who work together for the benefit of our children.


We have a very active PTO who provide support to our staff and parents as needed, plan extra curricular activities and events for our families, recruit volunteers, and raise funds to help provide non-budget items/supplies, in order to enhance and enrich our children's educational experience.  It is important that we all work together to reach our goal of providing our students with the best possible educational program to reach their full potential and enjoy learning.


Every family is welcome and encouraged to join our PTO and become an active part of our educational community.  Please make sure to check the monthly PTO Newsletter, Membership Page, Schedule of PTO Meetings, and Committee List.  All families are welcome to attend our meetings and take an active role in the planning of PTO activities.


At Middle Road School, we put "CHILDREN FIRST".