Health Policies from School Physician Dr. Jain

HEALTH POLICIES from Dr. Jain, School Doctor:
1.    HeadLice--Student excluded from school until treatment is given and the child is nit free.
2.    Ringworm--Student excluded from school and must have a doctor's note to return.
3.    Impetigo--Student excluded for 24 hours and must have a doctor's note to return
4.    Conjunctivitis(Pink Eye)--Student excluded from school and must have four doses of medication and a doctors note to return to school. 
5.     Strep Throat--Student excluded from school  must have 2 doses of the antibiotic, be fever free.
6.    ChickenPox--Student excluded for approximately 7 days or until vesicles are crusted over.
7.    Rashes--Student excluded from school until diagnosis is made by a doctor and treatment is started if needed.
8.     Fever--Student should be fever free (under 100oF) for 24 hours beforereturning to school.
9.   Vomiting--Student should not have vomited in the 24 hours before returning to school.