Dr. Scott Ridley

Dr. Scott Ridley


Happy warmer weather Hazlet Community. We started the school year inside of actual classrooms and ended it meeting and learning virtually as the pandemic redefined our way of delivering education. Still, thanks to our teachers, staff, parents and guardians-- the District kept pace with this “new reality” and continued to service its students.

In Our Schools . . .


As the school year comes to a close, RHS administrators are finalizing graduation plans for the Class of 2020. The RHS Graduation Ceremony will be held on Wednesday, July 8th with two ceremonies, one at 9am and one at 11:30am. Students will be assigned to each ceremony alphabetically. The rain date will be July 9th.  In addition, we are excited to host our first ever RHS Wave Parade on Monday, June 22 between 11am and 1pm. We will also be debuting a six-foot 2020 sign our maintenance department constructed for the graduating seniors! We are thrilled to see your decorated cars and wave goodbye to the Class of 2020!


HMS will be busy this summer preparing to greet students in the fall in whatever manner that will be! Teachers will continue their professional development with workshops in both math and literacy; and our students will continue to stay connected with activities from summer reading to summer enrichment, as well as connecting with their coaches through each team's Google Classroom. This summer, HMS will also welcome our new Assistant Principal, Mrs. Massimini, whose musical expertise will guide and prepare students for two new electives this fall, Music Exploration and Musical Theater!


This year Cove Road School will hold its awards ceremony on Monday June 22nd  at 9am. The guest speaker will be Dr. Ridley. The ceremony will be available on Instagram Live, Facebook Live, and posted on the Cove Road School Facebook page. Because CRS was awarded the Carvel grant, the academic development committee will be creating a districtwide podcast program produced exclusively by CRS students!


This summer, the Beers Street Team will prepare for a successful 2020-2021 school year no matter what may come! The school grounds are undergoing an exciting makeover. New basketball courts are under construction in the front and rear of the building. Freshly planted flowers, shrubs, and bushes will beautify the landscape. Seating around the school and a new green courtyard will allow for outdoor classes, fresh air, and space to learn. These updates, along with a newly paved playground and parking lot, will match the modern classrooms on the inside of Beers Street School. 

LILLIAN DRIVE, RARITAN VALLEY, MIDDLE ROAD SCHOOLS-  This summer teachers and staff will encourage students to read, read, and read some more!  A list of summer reading choices can be found on the district website. The summer is also an excellent time to review the skills your teachers suggested on this year's final report card.  In order to best prepare for September, the schools will be releasing students' teachers’ names on August 21st in line with the entire Hazlet Township Public Schools community. We would like to thank all of our parents and guardians for their support this year. We couldn't have done it without you, and we look forward to being together again soon. 


SDECLC students, with help from parents, can access a 10-week Summer Bridges learning menu that will engage, challenge, and promote family fun this summer. Students can select an activity from six different content areas, as well as continue to log-in to their personal Mathseeds and Reading Eggs accounts. The learning menu can be accessed on the school website. 

Around the District . . .


One of the changes our elementary parents will experience this summer is the fact that teacher placements and class lists will not be disclosed until August. In the past, elementary principals notified the parents regarding who their child[ren] was/were going to have as a teacher by the end of June. In light of virtual teaching and learning, we decided it would be prudent to allow our building leaders to evaluate the most viable classrooms in which to place students and therefore the summer is needed to do this.


As we move forward toward a return-to-school, site work and improvements are being made to all of our schools; bathrooms continue to be renovated and ceiling and lighting upgraded, new theater lights are being installed in the RHS auditorium and the tennis court at RHS will be completely resurfaced.  Buildings are being cleaned and procedures are being developed for the September return.  Additional technology is being ordered while regular maintenance is completed on the devices already in place.  The District is also investigating options to continue serving meals during the summer.  Finally, the District received a $160,000 grant to assist with the financial burden in the return process.


The Curriculum Office is excited to offer its virtual Summer Enrichment program free of charge to the students of Hazlet.  Our teachers are planning exceptional classes for our students to participate in, giving them a chance to connect with their peers and remain actively engaged during the summer months.  We look forward to continuing this program to help our students "achieve their maximum potential."


As a team of math educators, our focus as we approach the end of the school year is how much the students have accomplished despite the pandemic. It is a testament to the efforts of the math teachers, the students, and, most importantly, the parents/guardians. We don’t know what the future may bring, but what we do know is that our purpose will be to build upon and enhance the critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will clearly be necessary to succeed as we continue to move forward.


Over the summer, students are encouraged to choose reading as one of the activities they enjoy while on break from school. Summer reading helps students to continue to develop skills and practice strategies that they have learned during the year, and everyone loves a good book! Documents, materials, and book lists for summer reading have been shared by teachers and principals and are available on the district website at:   We wish you happy reading!


The Science Department is actively planning for several scenarios for school in September.  The teaching staff, along with the science supervisor, are continually exploring and evaluating a variety of resources and instructional strategies to meet the needs of our students regardless of what September brings.  To that end, Mr. Miller was selected by the New Jersey Department of Education to serve on a committee to develop Science Instructional Units which will ensure that Hazlet has a continuing voice in the conversation.


The Hazlet Township School Counseling Office hopes everyone takes the next couple of months to relax and enjoy fresh air and fun with family and friends.  These last couple of months have been extraordinarily difficult for everyone and have helped build tremendous resiliency skills for all.  As counselors, we recognize the toll it has taken and we will all be using the summer to regroup, figure out what September will look like and how we can help every single student and family with the transition back to in-person instruction.  Enjoy the time off and see you in September!


The Hazlet Township Public Schools are moving forward with athletics at Raritan High School and Hazlet Middle School. Fall registration is currently open. The summer session is slated to begin on July 13th and our “Return to Play Task Force” is meeting to develop protocols and procedures that meet the latest NJDOE, NJSIAA and District guidelines.  Although dates and schedules may change, our District is committed to offering a comprehensive athletic and co-curricular program for the 2020-21 school year with the health and safety of our student-athletes as our benchmark.   


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