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  • Co-curricular participants must meet Raritan High School’s Student Handbook requirements and must have a good citizen status at Raritan High School.
  • All student athlete participants must have a signed Physical, Emergency Medical Card on file in the Athletic Office in order to participate in interscholastic programs.
  • Athletes must meet Raritan High School and NJSIAA eligibility requirements (as found in the Raritan High School’s Student Handbook and the NJSIAA handbook) and must have a good citizen status at Raritan High School.
  • Co-curricular participants and Athletes must abide by all school policies; these policies are located in the Student Handbook.
  • All injuries are to be reported immediately to your Coach/Advisor and to our Athletic Trainer for proper examination and if needed, a referral to the appropriate medical personnel or services.
  • Students are to be in school by 10:30 a.m. if they wish to participate in a scheduled practice game or co-curricular activity on that day. Any exceptions must be approved by the Athletic Director or Main Office Administrator.


  • Co-curricular participants/Athletes are representatives of Raritan High School and at all times must present themselves in a positive and sportsmanlike manner.
  • All athletes, spectators and coaches must show proper respect for opposing teams, their coaches and officials alike.
  • Bus behavior will be beyond reproach. Appropriate demeanor and reasonable volume must be maintained at all times. No abuse, distasteful or obscene language or actions will be permitted. All athletes are expected to arrive and return to the school as part of the team/club. The coach/advisor may allow a student participant to return home from an away event only after a parental release form is signed in front of the advisor/coach. At this point, the parent of that child will assume all responsibility. At no time are students allowed to drive themselves to or from events/athletic contests. Any other arrangement must be made prior to the beginning of the day through the office of the Athletic Director or the building Principal. That will include written parental permission, a detailed rationale for exemption, and the name(s) of assigned driver(s) who will be responsible for the child’s safety. We encourage all Co-curricular/team members, whenever possible, to use the assigned school transportation. This promotes unity, ensures proper supervision and allows for greater safety of our students.
  • HAZING: Raritan High School will not tolerate hazing of any kind to our student athletes. Students who disregard this rule are subject to suspension and/or expulsion from their team, as well as appropriate school disciplines set forth by the Assistant Principal.


  • It is the responsibility of the Advisor/Head Coach to decide which participant/athlete will participate and at which level of play, as well as the amount of participation/playing time that the student will have. Questions regarding this area will be addressed directly to the Advisor/Head Coach in a mutually acceptable timeframe and in an appropriate, professional manner. If these concerns are not addressed in a satisfactory manner, the next course of action is to meet with the Athletic Director; then, if necessary, with the appropriate Assistant Principal; then, if necessary, the building Principal. Finally, if necessary, you can request, in writing, a meeting with the School Superintendent.
  • Advisors/Coaches will adhere to all Board of Education policy and regulations.
  • Athletes will be on time for practice and will be prepared for practice every day. They should prioritize their affiliations with community teams, placing the needs of the Raritan High School team first.
  • Co-Curricular participants/Athletes are responsible for all equipment issued and for the care of said equipment. Equipment and uniforms are to be worn and used only at Raritan High School events. Athletes will be held accountable for any equipment/uniforms mistreated or uniforms not returned.
  • Failure to comply with requirements stipulated in the Raritan High School Handbook or any of the rules stated above or attached to this contract that have been stipulated by the Coach regarding curfews, detentions, etc., will result in disciplinary action including suspension or dismissal for a designated time as determined by the Advisor/Head Coach and/or the policy set forth in the Student Handbook.


In addition to the above mentioned criteria, all co-curricular participants/athletes are required to be drug free (including alcohol and steroids) twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week [24/7], 364 days a year.  Co-curricular participants/athletes who use or are in possession of these items will receive a 60-day minimum suspension once the violation has been verified by the Chief School Administrator or his/her designee.  Prior to return to any co-curricular/athletic program, the participant must complete an individually designed rehabilitation program as designed by the District’s Student Assistance Counselor and approved by the Principal and Athletic Director.  The length of the suspension shall be determined by the Superintendent and the plan will be developed by the Student Assistance Counselor based on an assessment of the incident, and an evaluation of the student.  Periodic drug/alcohol screenings, without prior notice, will take place at the discretion of the Student Assistance Counselor during the 60-day minimum suspension.  The cost of the drug/alcohol screening shall be borne by the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the student, who shall also submit all necessary waiver documents to share the results of the screening with the District.  If the student is unwilling or unable to successfully complete the rehabilitation program, including all periodic screenings, the suspension will run for 364 days from the date of the incident.  Federal Regulation 42CFR-Part 2 mandates confidentiality of the information regarding the violation and rehabilitation plan.  This plan may include, but not be limited to: counseling, attending Alcoholic’s Anonymous or Narcotic Anonymous meetings, service projects, and/or educational components, as well as the periodic drug/alcohol screening.  A second violation will result in a mandatory 364-day suspension.  Attendance at parties or gatherings where drugs (including alcohol and steroids) are present is strictly prohibited.  Co-curricular participants/athletes must depart from such affairs or situations immediately once these substances are discovered.  This rule does not restrict co-curricular participants/athletes from attending family functions where alcoholic beverages are present.  The purpose of this rule is to deter underage drinking and/or substance abuse. A student who is interested in participating in a co-curricular/athletic activity must sign the co-curricular/student athlete form found in the student handbook.


Regulation Revised:  March 27, 2006, Effective:  July 1, 2006