Board Goals

Last Updated: 10/27/2020 2:28 PM

The Board approved the Hazlet Township District Goals and they are as follows:

 1. Prioritize a safe, healthy and educationally productive return to teaching for students and staff as outlined in the NJ DOE’s “The Road Back,” adhering to anticipated minimum standards, updated CDC/NJ DOH guidelines, and the Governor’s Executive Orders. This includes providing necessary communications to and creating pathways and feedback loops for all school district stakeholders.

 2. Work with the principals and the Director of Curriculum to improve districtwide General Outcome Measures (GOM). This will include collecting and analyzing data from K-12 benchmarks and assessments.

 3. Continue to prioritize our Tripod of Initiatives (Personalized Learning, Future Ready accreditation, Social Emotional Learning) in all grades and schools as the foundation of responsible, effective and productive teaching and learning; with accelerated attention to Social Emotional Learning for both students and staff as the transition to normalcy continues.

4. Prioritize the improvement and consistency of direct student engagement, explicit instruction, and peer engagement in the remote components of our “Road Back” educational programs. This includes defining procedures for quantifying improvements and consistency within schools and across the district.