A Message from the Superintendent of Schools 09-10-21

COMMUNITY MESSAGE: Friday, September 10, 2021

Good morning. It is Friday, September 10th and SCHOOL HAS BEGUN! Thank you for tuning into my community message and best of luck to your children as they get the chance to do what kids are expected to do each September—sit in their classroom, listen to their teacher, and raise those hands! Central Office was out and about every day this week and the energy and excitement displayed by students, staff and faculty was genuine.

And so it begins—the full experience from pledging the flag, changing classes, eating lunch, catching up with old friends, and—of course—opening those text books and logging onto those websites. We have taken a significant step forward towards a sense of what we know, who we are, and where we’re going. Make no mistake—the Variant continues to impact our daily activities and the Covid numbers have spiked significantly. Still, we’re open, we’re ready, and we will prevail.

I understand that there will be questions and concerns, that not every bus will run on time, not every desk will have plexiglass, and not every learning environment will be ideal from the start. And that’s okay, because if we take the time to view the bigger picture, the longer run, to ask questions and not point fingers, we will figure it out together. Slowly but surely, we are moving in a good direction and the kids of this community will once again find their way and make their mark.

And as that happens, please, always remember that we’re in this together and if we work as a team with a common cause—the success of our students-- ultimately, we will defeat this dreadful disease and return once more to a life we know and understand. As New York Yankee legend Derek Jeter shared in his Hall of Fame speech, “Show up every day, work hard, stay strong, and good things will happen.” So yes-- stay strong . . . Hazlet strong.

Enjoy your weekend, engage with your kids, and we’ll see you come Monday. It will only get better! Thank you.


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