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Hazlet School District

Facility Usage After School Hours

To the Community:

We are aware of the concerns regarding usage of our facilities for after-school activities and share this update to assure the community that we hope to work together to create an optimal and safe environment for all such events. Our neighbors (Middletown North and South, Matawan, Keansburg and Holmdel) all have plans of this nature in place or are in the process of creating one, as are the vast majority of Monmouth County schools. The HTPD, Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office, and the Office of School Preparedness & Emergency Planning support districts having such procedures in place as well.

To that end, we ask that organizations using our facilities after-school hours adhere to the following protocols:

  • A custodian will be available from ten minutes before till five minutes after the designated time of an organization’s previously-reserved arrival time. S/he will open the door during that 15-minute time block.
  • After those 15 minutes, the coach or an adult designee from the group using the facility should be available to open the door for anyone arriving late as the custodian will have returned to his/her contractual duties.
    • NOTE: If there is an athletic event at  Raritan High School, staff on-hand will allow access to anyone arriving on-time or late; no designee needs to be provided.
  • The adult designee is not expected to check ID or enforce any rules, regulations or behaviors. We simply ask that they permit entry only to members of their particular group in order to discourage trespassers from wandering the hallways.
  • As always, should you “see something, say something” to either a coach, a staff member or a police officer.

We understand that this may periodically create an inconvenience for coaches and other volunteers, but these are unusual times, and we need to be mindful of recent ongoing national events and have put these procedures in place to protect our children, our staff and the community.

Thank you in advance for helping to keep everyone safe during after-school events.