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RHS Performing Arts Academy

Application Submission Date:   January 13, 2023

Audition Date: January 13, 2023

The mission of the Raritan High School Performing Arts Academy is to provide students an
opportunity to study the performing arts at an advanced level while attending a traditional
high school and to pursue careers in the performing arts at prestigious schools and
institutions of the arts. Performing Arts Academy students will participate in a college-
preparatory curriculum of studies and will experience all disciplines of the Academy. Unlike
traditional arts academies where students focus on only one aspect of the performing arts, the
RHS PAA introduces theatre, dance, instrumental, and vocal music to all of its members to create a well-rounded artist.

Performing Arts Academy students participate in multiple opportunities to showcase their
talents in the form of theatrical performances, recitals, concerts, rehearsals, and community
appearances. As PAA students take part in these activities, their involvement assists them with
acquiring membership into the honor societies of theatre, dance, and music.

Throughout the four-year program, members of the PAA will be taught by our highly trained
faculty in accordance with the state and national standards of theatre, dance, and music.
Master classes and guest artists will contribute to the growth of a Performing Arts Academy student to create an understanding of the life of an artist.

Students who would like to be considered for the Raritan High School Performing Arts
Academy must prepare an audition based on the specific criterion of the performing art that
the student desires to study. Please review our audition guidelines and dates.

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