Pre-Engineering Academy

RHS Pre Engineering Academy on a circuit board

Application Deadline: January 12, 2024

Acceptance Notification: February 2, 2024

Letter of Intent Due: March 4, 2024

Supervisor: Mr. Mike Miller,


Mrs. Katherine Pede,

Mr. Michael Bernstein,


The mission of the Raritan High School Pre-Engineering Academy is to provide students with a focused pathway towards science and engineering careers while still having the well-rounded benefits of a traditional high school.  The Pre-Engineering Academy will provide students with the knowledge, connections and experience that they will need in the pursuit of in-demand careers in science, technology, and engineering.

Personal & Professional Skills

The Cohort Model

Entrance and success in engineering-related fields requires rigorous study and modern workspaces and curricula, which are provided by Raritan High School.  However, personal and professional connections within a student’s chosen field are equally important. The Pre-Engineering Academy provides these connections by utilizing a cohort model in its curriculum.  Students who enter the Academy together will stay together during certain required classes throughout their time in high school, fostering strong social connections, companionship, and a lasting support network throughout their time in high school and beyond.  A mentor teacher also provides valuable support to the cohort during school and after graduation.

Internship Opportunities

Our Pre-Engineering students will have the opportunity to participate in internship opportunities outside of school at nearby businesses, which could develop into full time careers during and after college, and provide a boost to students’ resumes and give them a head start on the competition.