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Read below to find out what we are learning in 3rd Grade Music!!

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  • What We Are Learning

    3rd Grade:


    Third grade is a very busy year in music.  We continue building on skills previously learned and also introduce some new units of study.


    The beginning of the year is spent preparing for our Winter Concert.  As in years past, the students will participate in a concert that will include singing, dancing, costumes, and speaking parts for all of the children. 


    In January, the students will receive a recorder and we will begin a unit on learning how to play this instrument.  We will spend a large part to the school year learning to play the recorder and the children will have lots of fun.  For this unit of study, I will be combining 2 different methods - Recorder Monster and Recorder Karate.  Students will be tested on songs and will receive colored strings (karate belts) if they are able to play the songs.  All 3rd graders will receive a recorder and folder.  Please make sure your child is prepared for  music every week.  Points are deducted from the  music grade each time a child comes to class unprepared.  It is also important that every student practice at least 2 times a week for 15-20 .


    The last few weeks of school will be spent learning about the families of instrument.  This is important information that will help any student interested in learning a band instrument in the 4th grade.

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