Homework will be given Monday through Thursday. There will be no homework on the weekends. 

Reading HW - Your child will be given a bag with a leveled book and reading response journal. It is imperative that your child bring the book back to school everyday. These are books from our class library that we use throughout the day/week. Please take care of them and do not eat or drink while reading them.  I would like  your child to respond to what he/she reads in their reading response journal. 

Students can pick which response to write in their reading response journal. It can be one sentence about their favorite part, a connection, a question, etc.  Please have them pick a different response each night. If they would like to add an illustration they are welcome to do so.  Please have them write a complete sentence - starting with a capital letter, and ending with a punctuation mark.  Please try to challenge your child by writing sentences that do not start with "I" and have more than 4 words. There may be times where I may give a graphic organizer (Ex. a Venn Diagram) and I may ask for your child to complete that instead of the response journal. However, if your child would like to do more - he/she can. It is up to them.

Please have them write in their best handwriting. We have gone over the blue lines, red lines, and dash lines.  We continue to review where to write lower and upper case letters. Please remind your child to also space out their words.

Please sign their journal page when completed.  Please also continue to log their minutes on their reading log.    

We will continue to work on our sight words (tricky words).  Many students still struggle with these words especially because they are "rule breakers." Your child will be given a baggie of sight words and I would like them to practice these words for a few minutes each day. 


Math homework will come home each time we finish a topic lesson.  If there is time left in class, I will allow the students to start it in school.  If they are not finished, they will bring it home for HW. If they are having trouble, if you could guide them or assist them by reading it to them that would be helpful. Please do not correct their answers if they are wrong.  I like to see who needs help and more review. If all the homework comes back correctly then I assume they understood it. If you need to jot a note on it for me to explain anything, feel free. =) 

Your child will be receiving a log in for a website called www.Xtramath.org. It is 5 min a night to review their math facts.  If you do not have access to a computer or tablet, please use


Spelling HW  Each week your child will receive their spelling words on Monday and be assessed on them on Friday.Your child will be given a “Choice Board” with their list and can choose an activity to do with their words each night. They must choose 4 boxes ( one for each day M-Th) and color in the boxes they chose to do.They can pick whatever works for them.  All Spelling HW is due on Friday. They do not have to hand it in to me everyday.