Selecting a Book

Selecting Appropriate Books for Independent Reading

Matching our children with the right book is a great way to help promote learning and the love of reading.  There are several factors to consider when helping children find the right book. The acronym, "I PICK" (Moser&Boushey, 2006) will help you along the way.

I ~  Child selects the book.

P ~ Purpose - Why do I want to read this book?  Is it a favorite genre, author, topic, etc.?

I ~ Interest - Preview the book.  Read the back and inside covers.  Why does it interest me?

C ~ Comprehension - Read a page or two and stop.  Am I understanding what I'm reading?  Do I understand what I'm learning?

K ~ Know most of the words - Did I follow the five finger rule?

Follow the Five Finger Rule

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1.  Open the book you want to try and read one page.


2.  Count the number of words you cannot figure out independently by putting up one finger for each unknown word.


3.  If there are more than five words on a page you cannot figure out, you should try picking another book to read by yourself.




*   For beginning readers, you might find the One-in-Fifteen Rule to be more suitable.  Children should not make more that one error in every fifteen words they read for the book to be an appropriate level.