Repeated Reading






Repeated reading, or rereading familiar books, is a great way to enhance your child's self confidence and improve his fluency. Successful rereading gives your child the opportunity to practice the reading strategies learned at school, it reinforces his/her sight vocabulary, and it motivates your child to read more. Repeated reading is most successful when you do the following:


1. Find a quiet time and place for the two of you to work. It is best if you sit side by side so you can both see the book. Your child should hold the book and be responsible for turning the pages. Try to keep distractions to a minimun.


2. Allow wait time (5-10 seconds) when your child encounters a tricky word. Readers need time to use a variety of strategies independently. They will ask for help if they need it. Ask them what they have done to try to figure out the word. You will find suggestions for helping your child in the "Reading Strategies" link on the left side of this page.


3. If your child misreads a word and does not correct it, let him/her finish the sentence. Allow him/her the opportunity to correct his mistake.


4. Be sure to compliment your child during the reading. Specific praise is important because it encourages your child to use the strategies he or she needs in order to become an independent reader. Specific praise may sound like the following:

I like the way you...

...looked at the first letter of the word.

...found a chunk that you knew.

...went back to the beginning of the sentence to read it again.

...didn't give up when you got stuck on the word and tried more that one strategy to figure it out.


Your patience and positive support make a big difference in your children's reading success!