Reading Strategies


Strategies Used By Good Readers


When you think about your reading...


1.  Make meaningful connections to your life, other stories, and the world around you.

2.  Visualize by making pictures in your mind of what is happening in the story.

3.  Ask questions about vocabulary, parts of the story that confuse you, and ideas that make you wonder.

4.  Infer the author's meaning by combining clues from the story with what you already know.

5.  Determine which ideas are important and need to be remembered.

6.  Synthesize ideas by changing or confirming your thinking as the author adds new information.


When you come to a tricky word...


1.  Look at the pictures and think about what makes sense.


2.  Finish reading the sentence and think about what word would make sense.


3.  Go back to the beginning of the sentence, read up to the tricky word, and say the beginning sound.


4.  Look through the word.

 ~Is there a chunk you know?

 ~Are there any vowel rules that can help?


5.  Reread the sentence.  Ask...

 ~Does it make sense?

 ~Does it look right?

 ~Doe it sound right?