AP US History 2 Summer Assignment

Summer Assignment for AP US History 2

Mr. Felice


*All assignment DUE DATES are posted on the calendar ON MY WEBSITE.  Please submit ALL work by the DUE DATE.


Part 1

You MUST use the Cornell Notes Template that is found on my website under the APUSH 2 tab.  Take notes using this template for all of your future notes.

  1. Watch the APUSH American Pageant Chapter 24 Review Video - Here is the link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHCTDTkRmOw&feature=emb_logo
  2. Take notes on the video in Google Docs using the Cornell Notes Template.  Take notes following the INSTRUCTIONS FOUND ON MY WEBSITE.  You must follow the instructions on my website for "taking notes on VIDEOS".  (Also, I must be able to edit your document for you to receive credit).
  3. Share with me.

*ALL instructions can be found on my website.  Please check the calendar for all DUE DATES.