US 1 Honors Summer Assignment

Summer Assignments for US History 1 Honors

Mr. Felice

*All assignment DUE DATES are posted on the calendar ON MY WEBSITE.  Please submit ALL work by the DUE DATE.

Summer Assignment:

  1.  Watch the following videos IN THIS ORDER: (Links to the videos are here and can also be found under the "US History 1 Honors" tab...then under "US 1 Summer Assignments").  ONLY SUBMIT ONE GOOGLE DOCUMENT FOR THE ENTIRE SIX VIDEO ASSIGNMENT.
    1. APUSH Review video:  "Colombian Exchange" - 
    2. APUSH Review video:  "Key Concept 1.1" -
    3. APUSH Review video:  "Spanish, English, French, and Dutch Colonization" -
    4. APUSH Review video:  "Encomienda System" -
    5. APUSH Review video:  "The Pueblo Revolt" -
    6. Richey video:  "Spanish/French/British Interactions w/ Native Americans" -


  1. Take Summaries/Notes on each video. These notes must be done in Google Docs using the CORNELL NOTES TEMPLATE that is found on my website (under the US 1 Honors tab).  Make sure to submit only 1 Google Document for the entire assignment (all 6 videos).  You must take notes following the INSTRUCTIONS FOUND ON MY WEBSITE.  *Be sure to follow the instructions on my website under:  "Directions on taking notes from VIDEOS".    These notes should SUMMARIZE the main points.  (Also, I must be able to edit your document for you to receive credit).  Type them in Google and submit by “sharing” through Google Docs).  Start and Finish all work in Google docs (I will be able to see your revision history).   Make sure you are using the Cornell Notes Template.


  1. *I must be able to “edit” your document in Google drive for you to get credit.  

*ALL assignments/links can be found on my website under "US History 1 Honors".  Please check the calendar for all DUE DATES. 

*Be sure to submit your video notes through Google Docs by the DUE DATE ON MY CALENDAR.