Students will learn how to identify the way they are feeling and ways to deal with stress in a positive manner. Students will also share what makes them each special individuals as well as ways they can be a friend to others.



Students will be discussing how to safely cross the street as well as car safety, fire safety, school safety, bus safety, and how to be safe in our homes. They will learn the best practices to implement in each scenario. Help improve your child's safety awareness by having them practice their phone number and address, create and practice going to a meeting place in case of a fire, buckle seat belts, and review what to do if a stranger comes near.


sickStaying Well

Students will develop awareness signs to help them identify if they are becoming ill and they will learn how to communicate how they feel. They will discuss where germs come from and what to do when they do have a cold. Students will learn the differences between the common cold and allergies and will also learn the importance of getting vaccines in order to prevent diseases such as measles, mumps, and chicken pox. To end the chapter, students will create a list of every day practices that will help them to stay well.


teethDental Health

Students will learn the differences between primary and secondary teeth as well as the differences between biting and chewing teeth. Students will learn the proper way to brush and floss as well as how to choose healthy foods and safe practices that will protect their teeth. To end the unit, students will enjoy a visit from a dentist!


food plateNutrition

Students will learn why we need food and how our bodies use energy. They will explore the Food Guide Pyramid and identify foods for each group. Students will also learn how to make healthy choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. To help put this into practice students will be asked to bring in healthy food choices for snack each day. To end the unit, students will discuss food ads and learn how to read nutrition labels.


drugsMedicines and Drugs

Students will explain what medicines are and why we may take them. They will learn medicine safety and recognize common drugs such as caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol. Students will learn the harmful effects these drugs have on their bodies. To end the unit students will demonstrate ways to refuse and avoid drugs.


handsTaking Care of My Body

Students will learn how staying clean helps fight germs. They will also learn ways to protect their skin, how to have good posture, and how to safely exercise. To end the unit, students will learn the importance of getting enough sleep.


sensesMy Senses Help Me Grow

Students will distinguish between living and nonliving things. They will also recognize the five senses and their role in growing up. To end the chapter, students will identify ways families help one another and activities that families enjoy doing together.