Rocket Ramp Up

Last Updated: 5/13/2020 3:50 PM

Coach Dean, Coach Dempsey, Mr. Lahaye, and Coach Pritchard have developed ways to help the RHS student body succeed and grow during this extended quarantine and school closure.  Get ready for the Remote Rocket Ramp-Up!  We will deliver all sorts of content out to you every week of this closure.  Do you have questions about time management and routines?  We’ve got you covered!  Questions about how to do this remote learning?  We’ve got you!  Missing your fellow students and even your teachers?  We’ve got them on deck to speak to you!  You’ll be hearing from various faculty, students AND alumni who want to help you through this difficult time period.  The Rocket Ramp-Up has your back and is brought to you by the DDLP Mastermind of Coach Dean, Coach Dempsey, Mr. Lahaye, and Coach Pritchard. 

Coach Dean

Coach Dempsey

Mr. Lahaye

Coach Pritchard

Episode #1 In this episode of Rocket Ramp-Up, Ryan is going to spend some time giving back and dishing out some advice to our students about the importance of having a routine and a schedule.  He breaks down his day by the hour for Coach Dean so that our students can gain some insight into their days.  Our students have a rare opportunity for high school students: they are largely in charge of their time during the day and how they’ll get their school work done.  Ryan’s advice will help them do that!

Episode #2 This week’s Rocket Ramp Up will feature two current students, Jimmy and Brooke, and an alumni of Raritan, Emily. These students discuss the importance of a routine and apps that are helping them stay organized. The attached article is a great read about the importance of a routine in our day!  

Episode #3 This week's Rocket Ramp Up features three current Raritan students.  They are discussing the routines and strategies that are helping them thrive during the COVID closure.

  • Isabella Pruscino - Class of 2020: Bella is a three-sport scholar-athlete at Raritan.  She is also the president of NHS, the PR of Exec Board, and participates in Unified Partners, PALS, and HCK.  Oh yeah, she also has a part-time job and takes 4 AP classes!
  • Nina Branda - Class of 2022: Nina is a sophomore and three-sport scholar-athlete at Raritan.  She also participates in HOSA, Interact, and the World Language Club.
  • Lenny Palmieri - Class of 2023: Lenny is a freshman at Raritan and is a member of our AVID community.